In the studio with Democracy Works co-hosts Michael Berkman and Chris Beem.

Podcasting became part of my professional life in 2018 and it’s opened so many doors since then. I’ve had the opportunity to work on several shows as a host, reporter, and producer:

Democracy Works

My colleagues I at Penn State’s McCourtney Institute for Democracy launched Democracy Works in March 2018. We’ve now produced more than 200 episodes and have listeners in all 50 states and 165 countries. The show was honored with a CASE Circle of Excellence Award and a People’s Choice Podcast Award.

I’ve had the opportunity to interview everyone from Wynton Marsalis to Jon Meacham, along with scholars from around the world.

When the People Decide

My newest podcast project is When the People Decide, which explores how ballot initiatives and the people who organize them have shaped American politics and policy.

Season one, which was released in summer 2022, powerful stories of people across the country who have used the initiative process to create political change by bringing issues they care about directly to their fellow voters. Season two, which will launch in summer 2023, will shine a light on civic innovation and community building at the local level.

The Democracy Group

As Democracy Works grew, I teamed up with a group of like-minded podcasters to launch The Democracy Group, a network of podcasts that examines what’s broken in our democracy and how we can work together to fix it. The network now has more than a dozen shows and continues to grow through cross-promotion and external partnerships. We’ve also launched a podcast fellowship for high school students and a podcast guest training program for scholars and thought leaders in the democracy space.

News Guest

Outside of democracy, I had the opportunity to produce season two of the News Guest podcast for LION Publishers. My work in this series included finding and pre-interviewing guests, preparing notes for the show’s host, editing the episode, and assisting the LION team with marketing and audience development strategy. This role gave me a fascinating look into the challenges and successes at local news startups — work that informed my course on local news and the creator economy

New Books Network

I’m also a contributor to the New Books Network, which features interviews with scholars about their work in a variety academic disciplines. The network has more than 50 discipline-specific channels; my contributions fall mainly in journalism and media studies. Here are a few of the episodes I’ve done:

Writing about podcasting

I’ve been fortunate to combine my interests in writing and podcasting to share what I’ve learned with the broader podcast community: